Digital Marketing Techniques

Digital Marketing Techniques

                                                Digital Marketing Techniques

1. S.E.O                                                     
2. S.E.M
3. S.M.M
4. S.M.O

S.E.M(Search Engine Marketing)
a. S.E.O - Free Listings
i.Get ranking in google search results
ii.Boost ranking e.g. you are coming on 10th page come on 1st page

b. Paid listing
i. PPC/CPC - increase website visitors
ii. CPM(cost per thousand impression)-Brand Awareness
iii. CPA(Cost Per Aquisition)- Conversion

What is Difference of S.E.O & S.E.M ?

S.E.O is the part of S.E.M
S.E.O is free listing technique
S.E.M is having both free listing & Paid Listing

Social Media

SMO - optimising webpage according to social media
Facebook 2010 - open graph protocol
Twitter - twitter summary card
connectivity with fb,linkedin with website

Blog to blogger-create new blog-digital blog

How to create a new post
Post-new post-digital marketing-techniques-post setting-labels(digital marketing,digital marketing techniques,digital marketing blog)

Perma Link-Custom Perma Link-(digital-marketing-techniques)-Done


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